Tuesday, 8 April 2014

He's Late


  1. I love these, and I have another caption thought if you're up for suggestions at all.
    Sorry if I'm too forward with suggestions, but it's just a thought:
    What if a young man picks up his grandpa's pipe habit, the problem is that after smoking it, he trades bodies w his grandpa until his grandpa in his body smokes the pipe again. The problem is they're both addicted to this pipe, so they both struggle with being in the young body w/o the pipe vs the old fat one and with the pipe. This would work better as a two parter, and if you don't really have pics of old fat pipe smokers I have many.
    Anyway, it's a thought, keep doing what your doing and thanks for all you've put up so far.

    1. I don't really write body swap stories, but I could probably give it a shot with a couple of changes.

    2. Of course, whatever changes you could possibly want. Just keep doing what your doing. Thanks!